Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer in Amarillo

Summer here in Amarillo has been a hot one. Not as hot as Abilene was but still hot. We didn't go on any trips this year but the kids had fun doing things around here. And some not so fun as well. Like...

Going to the dentist, Keely had to have one crown done in June and then 2 more in August. 

We have acquired a 4 seater 4 wheeler that the kids call T-Rex. It is really called a Tyrex. The kids love riding on this on the trials out in River Falls. 

There was plenty of swimming to be done at River Falls, no one knows how deep this is but the kids have fun swimming in it and jumping off the dock. Even Abbie got to go along and swim. 

The kids got to try out the paddle boats before someone broke them. And visited the water fall, as well as come back muddy after walking through the trails to get to the waterfall. 

Tarek took the kids along with him when some guys from work went out the a river somewhere, to me it looks like a big orange mud pit. The kids swam in this and Keely looks like she drank some. Had to wash their hair a few time to get all that dirt out. Keely had a try on a child size four wheeler and she really enjoyed it. 

There was plenty of planting of seeds with Dallin around here, this was one of the sunflowers that he grew. 
And with those flowers came plenty of showers, even tornado's.

A little dress up - don't know what she was going for on this one, maybe gangster.

Can't have a summer without someone getting hurt. Keely was riding her scooter down hill and face planted on the street. Luckily she only bit her lip and scraped the outside. No stitches needed. 

Some science fun. Dallin got to attend a science club for a week and he had the best time. 

The kids favorite food of course is pizza. Can't have movie night without pizza. This time I put them to work and let them make dinner.

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