Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sacrament Books

When we go to Church on Sundays, it has become a toy fest on the floor of the chapel. I want to get the kids out of the habit I started with bringing a bag of toys to church. So as I was searching the internet and I came across this idea that I thought was cute. I can't remember which blog I found it on, but I totally borrowed this idea.

First I found all my old Friend magazines and tore out all the activities that I thought Dallin and Keely could do on their own, I even found some online.

I then bought two 1/2 inch binders, one for each child

I used plastic page protectors and inserted the coloring and activity pages in the binders.

I bought the kids a set of Dry Erase crayons and a case to carry them in, they came with their own cloth for removal.

I then got some scrapbooking paper and make covers for the binders with their names on them. The original blog with this idea used a cricut machine to cut out the names which look a lot better. But I used my computer and printed right on the paper since that is what I had on hand.

Hopefully these will be able to keep the kids occupied while in Sacrament, I am looking for more reverent ideas to keep them quiet but occupied during church. Any ideas?