Thursday, August 29, 2013

Amarillo House

On March 1st 2013, Tarek came home and said that we had to move to Amarillo by the 25th of that month. We were still in Fort Worth at the time.  A few days later I was to fly out to visit my parents in Florida, so Tarek had to use the weekend alone to go house hunting in Amarillo, along with Abbie our dog. He saw tons of houses and found this one. It is located inside a little neighborhood called City View which has the school close by. 

We were finally able to get the keys to the house in April so we had to stay in a hotel for a little bit. Keely and I were the first ones in the house and so while I was taking some pictures she had to jump in most of them. 
This is our entry way, the sun is awful at night coming through those windows. 

This would be the living area.
Kitchen and dining area to the left, with a door to the laundry room. 
Back yard. Abbie really wasn't sure what to do with a fenced in yard anymore, it had been a while since she had to stay in one. 
Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom - Tarek's favorite part of this bathroom, the chandelier.

Keely's room before paint, we let them pick out their colors. 

After painting was finished, really surprised she picked girly colors.

Dallin's room before painting

Dallin stayed with the same colors he had in the Abilene house. Which is good because it matched his bedding. 

We have a couch, this was the only piece of furniture in our house for awhile before the moving company came a week later. 

Master Bedroom after painting was complete, we decided to paint the trim brown instead of leaving it white. 

Our garage was packed full of boxes with one little isle to walk through. It took awhile to get through them all. 

The kitchen became the unpacking zone for most boxes since we packed all kinds of stuff in the boxes. It was a crazy mess to say the least.

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