Friday, May 29, 2009

Ear Piercings, Rolling over, Strange Visitors and More

I finally did it! I got Keely's ear pierced on May 21st. I had my friend Suzi come with me, and Dallin came too. Daddy didn't want to see it. She cried and then was comforted by me and then Suzi while I paid for it. But after 10 minutes it was like nothing happened. Here is a before and after picture of her.

I found Keely a red bow to match her skirt so I took some pictures of her in it. I gave her the banana so she wouldn't fuss. But then she got happy.

And the little one said roll over. Keely learned to
Roll over on May 21st. She does it all the time now.
But doesn't like it when she ends up on her tummy.

Abilene Visitors
We have had some weird visitors in the past few weeks. Mr. Frog showed up on a saturday night after getting stuck in the garage. We caught him and put him in a box so we could show Dallin in the morning, we even laid something on top of the box so it wouldn't jump out, well it found
a way to get out and it took 20 minutes on Sunday morning to chase him out of the garage. We were a little late for church too.

This strange looking turtle was sitting outside of our garage one friday morning when Tarek was cutting the grass. Dallin thought it was the coolest thing. He found a better spot in the bushes and we gave him some celery, but he didn't eat it. A few hours later he was gone.
We are not sure where these animals came from because we don't have a pond or lake by our house. The turtle was covered in wet mud, who knows where he went.

This video is of Keely rolling over.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Pictures.....

Mother's Day 2009

Dallin made this for me in Nursery. His handprints are
pink because he told them that was my favorite color.

Keely playing with her new sippy cup. She likes to
chew on it.

Dallin's new pool. He filled up his penny bucket for
using the big boy potty. He wants to go swimming
every day.

Keely's Jumperoo, a present from Grandma and Grandpa.
She loves to rock back and forth. Bouncing will come later.

Dallin's Thomas the Train tent, a present from
Grandma and Grandpa. He thinks its way COOL!

The kids at Tarek's office. We were there for a "Burger Burn" before
the Memorial Day holiday.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long time no Blog...

Well time has gotten away from me and I haven't been able to post pictures for
awhile. My class took my time at night, which is when I usually blog. But it is
coming to an end so I am trying to catch up with some pictures over the next
couple of days. So here are a few to start, from the last month.