Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moving to Florida and Back to Texas! Say What???

In June we packed up our house in Abilene and got it ready to sell. We were moving all our stuff back to Florida. We decided to stay in Baker, Florida for the time being at Tarek's dad's hanger, which has an apartment attached to it. 

It got closer and closer to school starting here in Florida so we enrolled Dallin into Baker School. This town has only one school for pre-k thru 12th grade. Luckily they have the older kids separated from the younger ones. Dallin was very reluctant to go to school since Keely wasn't going to daycare anymore. He wanted to stay home with us too. 

Since we got to Baker, Tarek has been applying for jobs and he got an interview with a really good company. Bell Helicopter asked him to do a phone interview then they asked him to come out and have a face to face interview. A short time later they gave him a job offer, which he accepted. This also meant that we were going to relocate again back to Texas. This time we will be moving to Amarillo, Texas.  There is more to this story, so try to keep up. Tarek left a few days ago to drive to Amarillo for orientation, he will stay there for about 2 weeks. Then they will send him to Fort Worth to start working on the project, he will be there probably until March of next year. He will get to fly back to see us every 2-3 weeks. We decided it would be best for me and the kids to stay in Baker, Florida until Dallin has a long enough break in school to get us moved and enrolled in a school in Amarillo. So in December after Christmas we will be relocating to Amarillo, and Tarek will then fly back and forth to visit us from Fort Worth.  Crazy huh??? Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we will get adjusted quickly in Amarillo. 

I never thought we would be going back to Texas but I guess there is a plan for our family and part of that plan is to be in Amarillo for awhile. We shall see where it takes us and what new adventures we can have in this new place.