Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gotta love that face

Keely has been sporting her new hair do lately. She does pretty good with leaving them in. I think she looks to cute.

This picture was taken not to long ago while at a restaurant, I decided to try her out in a highchair. She did pretty good, besides getting tired and we ended up holding her. But for a good while she sat there with her gerber cookie and played with toys.

Here is a before picture with Keely's pig tails.

Now here she is when you take them out. Keely has horns as Dallin would say.

Dallin was showing Keely how to play the piano.

This is the face I get when she is all done eating or drinking. Goofy Baby.

Keely loves her prunes.

Eating Toes

Keely loves to eat her toes. It was kinda funny at her 6 month check up the doctor asked if she could eat her toes. Never got that asked before.

The picture of Tarek and the kids were taken on Father's Day.

Sitting Up and Brotherly Love

Keely can now sit up with a little help. She loves to sit up and play with her toys. Dallin is such a great big brother. If Keely is crying he will try to make her happy until I can get to her. When she wakes up from her naps, Dallin goes to see her. Usually climbing in his bed with her to play too. But he loves to help me with her. The other day we were driving to school and Dallin was talking about a friends baby and this is how the conversation went:

Dallin: Where is baby Tanner?
Mommy: He is with Suzi, his mommy.
Dallin: Baby Tanner is Suzi's baby and Keely is my baby.
Mommy: Yes thats right.
Dallin: Mommy, I want another baby.
Mommy: I don't know about that.
Dallin: Well then, go to the doctors and get me another baby.
Mommy: So babies come from the doctors?
Dallin: Yeah

Kids say the funniest things.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keely's First Baby Cookie.....YUM

Tonight after her dinner, Keely had her first Baby Cookie, the ones from Gerber. She thought it was the coolest thing. She made the biggest mess, but she loved it. Can you see her hair do that she had today. She looked so cute. The funny part was when I took the bands out her hair made her look like an Ewok. She is just to much fun.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6 Months Already

I can't believe that my baby is 6 months already. She is just growing up so fast. We went to the doctors on friday for her checkup. She is healthy and growing big. She weighs in at 16 lbs 7 ounces. And is 26 3/4 inches. She has doubled her birth weight and grew 6 3/4 inches since birth. WOW. She is almost sitting up now, still work not to fall backwards. But she doesn't fall completely forward anymore. She is using her legs more, pushing herself backwards in the walker, and jumps like crazy in her Jumperoo. She loves to eat anything you give her, especially paper. If she can get it, she will eat it. She can drink from a sippy cup now, and eats baby food like no tomorrow. She sleeps through the night from 8pm till 7am. It's great. She still doesn't like being on her tummy. Still hasn't mastered rolling back onto her back again. She always rolls onto her tummy then starts to fuss. Keely is a happy, funny, and content baby. We have been really blessed to have her in our lives.

First Day of School

Well last week on June 8th, the kids started "school", or daycare. I call it school for Dallin. He was so excited to go the first day. He was ready with his new pillow that I made him and his new Thomas the Train shoes. His class was outside when we got there that he handed me his pillow and took off, didn't even say goodbye. It's been a week and a half and he still is doing great. Keely got a new blanket that we keep at school. She loves her teachers and always smiles at them when we walk in the class in the morning. She's had a great time playing and being with the other babies.

Fun Pictures

Tarek called this picture Little Bo Peep. I think she kinda looks like it. She is starting to get to big for the hats to some of her dresses so I thought that I would take a picture.

I asked Tarek to take some pictures with him and the kids. These are 2 of the best ones. I forgot my camera was on black and white, but I think this picture turned out ok.

I got them their 4th of July outfits and just had to take a picture. Couldn't wait.

Here is Keely and her new buddy Tanner. He was born at the end of May, just wait till their both running around. We better watch out.

Home Depot

I found out about these kids workshops that Home Depot does once a month from my friend Vanessa. We finally made it to one. And Dallin just loved it. He thought it was way cool to hammer nails and use the glue. We will definitely be going again. They were out of aprons but he will get his orange apron next time.

I just love Keely's face in the background. She was very curious about what was going on.

A Mommy Update

I thought I would give an update on Me. I have been in school since the beginning of May now, my first class was a little rough but I got an A in the class, so I was a little excited about it. It was Intro to Christianity. (The university that I attend is private) The classes that I have now Intro to Psychology I am getting an A so far and History I have a B. I was doing pretty bad with the quizzes in History but have found a new study pattern for it and it is working a lot better. All these classes have been online, I think that it is much harder to do, I would much rather be in a classroom. The kids are in the second week of "school", they go to Day Nursery of Abilene. The best part it is that it is right around the corner from where I am. They are doing great over there, their teachers are great. I am so glad that we got them in when we did. Right now I spend my days in the library reading and taking notes to prepare for the quizzes, there are a lot of them. In July I will have 3 classes, 2 of them I actually go to a class for and another online one. Except I will be going to 2 schools for the month, the community college here has the same classes that I need just much better prices. So I will have a class at McMurry (university) and then 2 classes at Cisco (junior college). And speech is one of them, not my favorite, to talk in front of people.

The one thing that I do miss since starting school, is the fact that I miss a lot of things that I did with Dallin and playgroup. And talking to my friends every week. And I enjoyed going to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and that is out now. Gotta make sacrifices sometimes. I just know that when all this school stuff is done that I will have a job to go to and it will be something that I enjoy doing.

Well it is time to pack up here at the library and go get the kiddos. Until next time....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pictures taken with Tarek's Phone

I got some pictures taken off of Tarek's phone. The
first two are recent, the last one is from May.

Dallin just loves his swimming pool. He sometimes
goes swimming in just his underwear. Which is
what he is doing in this picture.

Keely chills out in the shade if the water is too cold
for her. She takes over Dallin's chair and hangs out
with Mom or Dad.

This picture was taken on May 2nd. I bet you thought it
was from winter. Well this day was supposed to be the
airshow at the airport. But of course the weather decided
to get cold and rainy. We were all bundled up like it was
December again. No planes in the air today. This plane
is the one Daddy has been taking his CFI class in recently.