Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gotta love em..

I was playing with my camera the other day and was
taking pictures of Dallin, here are some that I liked.

Keely's First Ponytail
I was actually able to pull some hair into a ponytail, I was
so excited to do her hair.

I just loved Keely's face in this picture it cracked
me up.

This one is much better of the both of them smiling.

Daddy and Keely

Keely was talking to me. Look at the those ears.
I think we might get them pierced soon.

Backyard Bugs at the Zoo

Dallin is petting a hissing cochroach in the picture above.
And coloring his butterfly below, he is using his left hand.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

All Better

The kids have gotten over their colds and illnesses, thankfully. No more
coughing in the middle of the night. Keely is actually sleeping in her
own room in her crib. She sleeps through the night as well. Dallin
got the Lincoln Log set for Christmas, and I decided to take it
out finally and let him play with it. Of course we had to build the
houses and tunnels, but he loved the train part.

I had saved one of Dallin's baby outfits and I put it on Keely the
other day, and when I laid her on the floor to take a picture
Dallin joined to have his picture taken with his baby sister.

Spring has sprung, our peach tree had bloomed with the little
pink flowers so I had Tarek take a picture of me and the kids.

Keely thought that she was hot stuff sitting up in the stroller, this was
the first time that I tried this and she loved it. We went for a walk since the
weather was so nice. She talked the whole time. If you notice her bracelet
that she has on, her Grammy made that for her when she was blessed. It
finally fits her now. She has been wearing it everyday this past week.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poor Keely

Our little baby girl is sick. I took her to the doctor's yesterday for a bad cough. She ended up having ear infections and redness in her throat. Poor thing. She is on an antibiotic for the ears. She coughs in her sleep and chokes so I am having to make her sleep in this carseat.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keely is 3 months old!!

I decided to take another picture today of Keely in the same
bouncy seat as Dallin was below. (To try to compare size)

This is Dallin at 3 Months...I thought it would be
neat to compare a little. (A little Chunky Monkey)

Keely Stats at 2 months: 10 lbs 11 oz 22 inches long

Dallin Stats at 2 months: 14 lbs 5 oz 23 1/2 inches long

Dallin's New Big Boy Car Seat

Dallin finally got a big boy carseat. He was getting
way to heavy for the other one. So now he has his booster
seat and uses the regular seat belt. He said that is was really

Daytona Beach, Florida

We made it to Daytona Beach, it ended up being cold
while we were there, but Dallin loves to play in the sand
so I made sure that he got to do that. Keely even touched
the sand with her toes. There were alot of seagulls on the
beach so I had Dallin chase them just to get a picture.

While were there we got some pictures with the family.

Dallin is showing off his Cooties, from his new game.

My aunt drove down to visit us for a couple
of hours, Dallin had to have his cooties.

Defuniak Springs, Florida

Our first stop in Florida was in Defuniak Springs,
where Tarek's dad lives. Dallin was very excited
to go see Grandad. There is a lake in front of the
house where we got to feed some ducks, we also
found some baby ducklings. Dallin found the slide
which he went on over and over.

We had gone to Walmart to let Dallin pick
out a goldfish for Grandad's pond. He carried it
through the entire store, he was so excited.

Dallin and Grandad playing with the blocks.

Dallin conquered the dirt hill. We went to see
the progress of Grandad's hanger and there
was a large hill of dirt. Dallin was scared at first
but after getting up there he didn't want to come

Dallin sporting his new shark sunglasses.

A nice day outside

Just before our trip we had some really nice weather so
I took the kids out front and we did sidewalk chalk. Dallin
just loves it.